Teak furniture and accessories

Arredoteak in Viareggio, province of Lucca, was founded in 2011, operates in both in the civil sector and above all in the naval sector, producing carpentry and furniture, . The company specialises in the design and construction of wooden and teak furnishing accessories, boat components and precious teak yachts from Burma, but also in other materials, custom-made furniture such as tables and chairs, parquet flooring and much more. Arredoteak offers its expert team of skilled craftsmen, who will accurately assess and analyse your needs and will certainly offer you the most advantageous solution.

Precious wood for craftsmanship

Arredoteak works exclusively with top quality materials, in particular with precious teak wood from Asia. The raw material is carefully selected and then treated to increase its strength and durability. Drawing on its expertise and experience, in addition to teak, the company deals with numerous other valuable woods, including oak, mahogany and African iroko.

Naval accessory Production

Arredoteak's mission is to consolidate every day: use a simple and natural material such as wood to make creations and finishes with unique sophistication to cover yachts and boats, achieving the ideal of perfection that the customer demands. Since 2011, Arredoteak combines the tradition of carpentry with the refinement of materials, a philosophy of good taste. Commitment, dedication and professionalism by the team of craftsmen are always in the forefront for the implementation of any project.

Precious teak furniture

Among the numerous Arredoteak creations, it is possible to admire different types of furnishings and components for yachts and boats of various kinds, especially for the deck section. As regards the civil sector, the company manufactures furniture for interiors, such as chairs and tables, and also parquet flooring, bridges, stairs and more, using teak to cork, through resin and carbon fibre, to synthetic wood.

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